Named 14th Army Burma star group

Named 14th Army Burma star group

Code: 10399


Burma Star Medal Group consisting 1939/45 star, Burma Star, Defence and War Medal,  Indian made 14th Army Shoulder patch and 2 x , 227th independent infantry brigade cloth patches.


Service book for Leonard Douglas Taylor, from Bethnal Green,  enlisted 19/10/1941- demobbed 26/12/46   showing his medal entitlement and unit 3rd AAA Regt, RA. plus other documents listed below

Leave pass signed by major  of the Combined 492 (mixed) Heavy Artillery Battery




includes: Service book

               Record of service 

               inventory of kit

               soldiers pay book 

               leave pass

               RAMC Stating he suffered form Dysentery

               Army release documents

               Army reservist documents dated 1951

               marriage certificate

               cremation certificate

                cover for Army book

               Leather wallet with Egyptian scenes, so possibly picked up there