1st county of London yeomanry  middlesex, Duke of Cambridges Hussars

1st county of London yeomanry middlesex, Duke of Cambridges Hussars

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3009 Pte Henry F Welton 

1st County of London Yeomanry,  Middlesex Duke of Cambridges Hussars 

According to his regimental number he enlisted in this territorial Regiment between 1912 and 1915.

mobilised in August 1915. The Regiment entrained for Egypt and entered that theater of war 28th April 1915.

Dismounted August 1915, and Sailed from Alexanderia to Mudros landing in Gallipoli on the18th August at Suvla Bay. On 21st August the division was ordered to advance from Lala Baba across the plain to Chocolate Hill and then attack the Turkish positions on the W Hills. After coming under intense fire they retreated the next day. They then rotated their positions  in the front line until the Regiment was weaked by a combination of casualties and illness.

When the Middlesex Yeomanry were withdrawn to Lala Baba on 1 November 1915, they were reduced to fewer than 50 men. They were evacuated to Mudros and then Egypt to recuperate.

In December 1915 they returned to Egypt and once recuperated became a Mounted Regiment again. Then in November 1916 they were sent to the Selonika front, 

In June 1917 the regiment was withdrawn with 8th Mounted Brigade to Egypt and then moved up to the Palestine Front, where it joined the Yeomanry Mounted Division that was forming at Khan Yunis in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force

While holding the line prior to the general attack The Turkish Yildirim Army Group carried out a reconnaissance in force in late October against 8th Mounted Brigade, which was holding a 14 miles (23 km) outpost line along the el Buqqar ridge to cover railway construction parties. the Middlesex Yeomanry was attacked by an Ottoman cavalry patrol in great strength, bringing on the Battle of Buqqar Ridge. An intense close combat operation that nearly encircled the Middlesex Regiment proceeded with odds of 20 to one they hung on to there positions until relieved. One defensive action led Major Alexander Malins Lafone, being awarded the VC.

During the Third Battle of Gaza the regiment was heavily egaged and as part of the Desert Mounted Corps at the Capture of the Sheria Position. There followed a pursuit towards Jerusalem, in which the Yeomanry took part in the battles of Mughar Ridge (13 November) and Nebi Samwil outside Jerusalem. Jerusalem surrendered on 9 December.

Due to pressure on the Western Front on 7th April 1918 1/1st City  London Yeomanry was amalgamated into the 103rd Machine Gun Company and entrained for the Western Front June 1918.